Accept payments and security deposits

Effortlessly collect payments both online and in-store using Fleetwire’s robust rental software. Our solution is tailored to boost revenue capture and expedite payment processing.

Accept payments on your rental website

Enable seamless payments for rentals with your customers’ preferred methods. Link Stripe or Square to process credit cards, along with various local payment choices, within your checkout process.

Accept payments with Fleetwire.
Send your guest payment requests with Fleetwire.

Create payment requests easily

Require generating payment requests? Thanks to integrated Stripe and Square payments in Fleetwire, you can effortlessly craft payment requests and send them directly to your customers from any booking.

Charge and pre-authorize credit cards

For in-store customers, easily charge and pre-authorize credit cards by inputting their information into Fleetwire. This process incurs no commissions and reduces transaction expenses by eliminating the need to refund security deposits.

Authorize credit cards with Fleetwire
Manually accept payments with cash, check, Venmo, and many others with Fleetwire.

Mark orders as paid manually

For payments made through cash, check, Venmo, or a custom method, Fleetwire provides a straightforward solution. Just input the amount, select the payment type, and the system will duly register your payment.


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